Seminar for Parents/Teachers

A parent/teacher of a child with dyslexia is keen to unlock the inner potential of the child. Often after a diagnosis the parent/teacher is unsure where to turn and how to give the child the extra support which is required for them to progress.

The seminar for parents and teachers of children with dyslexia will equip you with a better knowledge of what dyslexia is and its effects on learning.

  • Parents/Teachers will be shown how to use proven support strategies, templates and resource materials which will benefit the child.
  • Examples of Assistive technology including Computers, Apps for Tablets / Smartphones will be discussed and their usefulness for the learner with dyslexia will be demonstrated.
  • Parents/Teachers will be informed of the status of dyslexia in the education system and given knowledge of the various steps to take to ensure that the child is receiving the support available.
  • We will look at ways to boost the child’s self-esteem and make them a more confident and successful learner.
  • You will receive a resource pack which will enable you to immediately support the child with the latest research into dyslexia.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

The fee per person is €45. Places are limited, please PM/Text or email me to reserve your place.

  • A seminar will take place in Navan Education Centre on Monday 15th of May running from 6-9pm.
  • A seminar will take place in Wexford Education Centre on Tuesday the 16th of May running from 6-9pm.

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Workshop for Junior/Senior Cycle Students with Dyslexia

This workshop is focused on study skills and exam preparation for students with dyslexia.

Students with dyslexia can often feel under pressure when it comes to exam time due to difficulties with interpretation of questions in the exam paper, organisation of answers and lack of time to complete questions.

This workshop targets the student’s specific difficulties and helps with their organisation, study, memory and learning skills.
Topics covered in the workshop include;

  • Study planning and organisation
  • Comprehension of text and questions
  • How to study- graphic organisers, mind maps
  • Writing techniques and writing frames
  • Subject specific learning tools, websites and Apps

This is a four hour workshop with a short break. The students will get a chance to speak to Kathleen about specific difficulties they may have and to get advice.

The fee per person is €45. Places are limited, please email your name to confirm attendance and use PayPal to reserve a place.

Inservice Seminar for Teachers

This seminar will focus on how to support the child with dyslexia in the mainstream primary, post-primary and after school settings. This seminar can take place in the school if deemed most suitable. The seminar will be designed to suit the age group of the child and strategies will be given to support the child with dyslexia in reaching their full potential. The fee and time requirement depends on the need of the school and can take place after school hours.

Please contact Kathleen by email/text/phone if you require further information.

Transition from Primary to Post-primary for Students with Dyslexia

The seminar is designed to give a clear picture of the challenges faced by students with dyslexia in their transition from primary to post-primary school and to present suggestions and strategies that can be applied by both parent and child to facilitate that transition.

Topics covered in the seminar include;

  • Legislation, policy and indicators of good practice that are relevant to transition
  • Examination of the difficulties and challenges experienced by students with dyslexia during the transition process
  • Activities, strategies, exercises to help with the transition to post-primary education
  • Resources which will help the child at post-primary level
  • Study skills, organisation and anxiety management

This is a three hour seminar, with a short break. The parent/parents will attend the seminar. Some of the strategies will involve workshop style activities to ensure that all concerned can put the resources into practice.