Dyslexia Consultancy

Kathleen Sweeney is a recognised Resource and Learning support teacher, she has trained teachers and principals in schools across Ireland since 2007 and has a vast amount of experience supporting parents and their child with dyslexia. Kathleen has a professional and personal understanding of dyslexia and the difficulties faced by children with dyslexia. Kathleen has assisted many parents over the years to support their child and has developed individual education plans to encourage and help the child to succeed. An individual consultation with your child will help you and your child to receive personal support from a caring professional.

If a child reaches the age of seven/eight and it is felt by the school that the child is not reaching their full potential, an assessment with an educational psychologist may be advised. When a child is diagnosed with dyslexia often the parents are unsure where to turn for help.

An individual consultation will provide you with a support plan for you and your child;

  • The background of the child’s dyslexia will be examined, taking into account family history, developmental milestones, the child’s interests, education and reason for referral. Results of the educational psychological report will be explained in detail and the parents will be given the tools to meet all recommendations in the report.
  • With parental permission, information will be gathered from the school regarding the child’s strengths and weaknesses within the curriculum, literacy and numeracy attainment levels, self-esteem, extra support received and any concerns the school may have.
  • A detailed Individual Education Plan will be provided to suit the specific needs of your child. This will show all of the recommendations to support the individual difficulties that your child is experiencing. It will also give a list of aims and targets to be met within a fixed time frame.
  • You will have an opportunity to voice your concerns, ask questions and seek guidance from a trained professional. A resource pack to suit your child’s specific needs will be given to you to take away.

A consultation usually takes 1.5 hours, the fee is charged per consultation so you will not be rushed.

Cost of full consultancy and individual education plan €150.